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A photo of Linda Marquez

Linda Marquez

I had polio at age 3 and now have Osteoporosis. The bones on the right side of my body were doing fine but those on the left/polio-affected side were not. I have been working with you for a few years now and my polio-affected leg has strengthened to where I can stand on it with support and my bone density is improving. Very happy with my results!
A photo of Theresa Lathrop

Theresa Lathrop

I am so glad I found Wholebody Systems! I was in so much pain from my sciatica and lower back that I could barely walk! I was seeing a chiropractor but I was getting the long term relief I wanted so we added in Wholebody Systems to my care regiment! Our first goal was to get me out of pain and then work to strengthen my muscles, my core and get me moving! Well we did it and more! The staff take the time to know you and understand what you want to achieve! Do yourself a favor and see what they can do for you! I wouldn’t be as active as I am today without them!
A photo of Linda Witzegrueter

Linda Witzegrueter

The 15 minutes that I spend each week with Wholebody Systems has changed my life! I have been working with Alex since 2013 and at 76, my muscles are very strong and I feel terrific!
A photo of Camille Gard

Camille Gard

I have gained so much strength with Wholebody Systems in general, but I can fell it the most when I get up from a sitting position... it is no longer a challenge! Now I can get up with ease, I am so grateful!
A photo of Shannon Fidanza

Shannon Fidanza

I have been a WBS since 2015 and I have gained an incredible amount of strength/muscle. I feel stronger because I am stronger. As a result of the exercise and healthy eating habits WBS has helped me implement, I have lost nearly 50 pounds; I was a size 18-20 and now I am in a 10-12!
A photo of Judy McMillan

Judy McMillan

One of my biggest improvements has been in my posture. When I came in I was leaning hard to the right. The workout with WBS has stretched and trained my body to show these improvements. My core muscles are so much stronger that I stand up straighter and taller than before.
A photo of Randy Hines

Randy Hines

As one might imagine, aging is not very conducive to keeping an active lifestyle. With golf being my passion I had to find a resource that would help my body stay healthy enough to compete at any level. That's why, for a number of years now, I've been a community ambassador and Wholebody Systems member coming for multiple sessions every week.
A photo of Casey Keeter

Casey Keeter

Wholebody Systems has been amazing for me! What I love about their program isn’t how it’s tailored for the individual’s specific needs. I am a competitive runner who was looking to incorporate more strength work and assisted stretching into my routine. The biodensity has been hugely beneficial. I have gotten stronger and faster with my running and set many PRs because of my weekly visits. It’s so quick too! This fits into my hectic schedule. Highly recommend !
A photo of Christine Gokey

Christine Gokey

I have been a Wholebody Systems member since 2015, after a stroke and being diagnosed with osteoporosis. Alex adapted the exercise program to my limitations, and always listens to any concerns. Now after several years, my scans have showed increases in bone density (as much as 35% in some areas!) and I have regained a lot of muscle. I was skeptical of 15 minutes of exercise that's supposed to "build" bones and muscles, but my scan result proves the contrary. I highly recommend this great program!
A photo of Stefanie Shore

Stefanie Shore

Thanks to my weekly 15 minute Wholebody Systems workout, I can squat down without pain for the first time in almost 10 years! I am quickly building strength to support an old knee injury and really seeing and feeling the results just after a few months. I am so grateful for what it's done for me, and I look forward to my workout each week! Thank you, Wholebody Systems!!
A photo of Stephanie Globerman

Stephanie Globerman

WBS has been amazing! In conjunction with other lifestyle changes, WBS has helped me achieve significant weight loss, muscle tone, increased strength and endurance. The best part is being able to squeeze this awesome workout into a my working mom schedule three days a week!
A photo of Russ Strange

Russ Strange

Thanks to Wholebody Systems, at 77, I am able to play golf and keep up with 4 grands ages 4-7. Biodensity doesn’t make me “young” but it has prevented me from getting “old” too soon. My relationships with the two very positive, professional trainers are as healthful as my two medical prescriptions!


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