Research Showing Efficacy of Technology

Here are just a few of the studies that have been conducted both internally and through external organizations showing the effectiveness bioDensity and Power Plate.

Effects of bioDensity and Whole Body Vibration on Strength, Balance, and Functional Independence in Older Adults.

Derek Smith, Judge, S., Malone, A., Moynes, R., Conviser, J. and Skinner. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 2016, 24, 139-148.

Subjects 85-93 years old showed significant improvement using Power Plate and bioDensity in walking speed, walking distance, balance, standing, sitting, walking up stairs and down stairs – all activities of daily living. Strength increased 22-51%

Safety and Feasibility of Osteogenic Loading in Adults with Low Body Mass Index: Preliminary Evaluation.

Jason Conviser, Conviser, J., Koehler, J. April, 2018

This same study documents the viability of safely loading low BMI patients to stimulate bone growth because of their ability to create the necessary multiples of body weight loading

New Apparatus Provides Compression Forces on Bone Resulting in Osteoblastic Activity.

J. Conviser, Conviser, J., Koehler, J., Conviser, N. Osteoporosis International. Vol. 29, Supplement 1, April 2018.

Subjects were 15 females ranging in age from 56-84 who had completed at least 48 out of 52 bioDensity sessions in a year. Eleven of the subjects demonstrated significant improvement in their DEXA values, 2 had no change and 2 had further decreases in BMD.

Osteogenic Loading Resistance Therapy Showing BMD and Functional Bone Performance Adaptations Over 24 weeks with Postmenopausal Females.

Bazil Hunte, Jaquish, J. and Huck, C. Osteoporosis and Physical Activity. 2015, 3:3.

Both osteoporotic and osteopenic female subjects improved BMD following 24 weeks of training.

Improved Functional Independence, Balance and Force Production with Low Volume Alternative Training in Older Adults.

James Skinner, Judge, S., Malone, A., Moynes, R., Conviser, J., and Derek Smith. Presented at the American College of Sports Medicine, Boston, MA in 2016

This study shows strength, balance, activities of dialing living can be significantly improved when they would participate once a week for 10 minutes at a time

bioDensity: A Novel Resistance Training Approach and Learning Effects in 1685 Males and 2689 Females.

Novel Physiotherapies. Derek Smith, Moynes, R., Rockey, S., Conviser, J., and Skinner, J. 11:2014, 4:3.

The force production curve seen with traditional resistance training is similar with the force production curve seen with bioDensity, although the forces produced with bioDensity were greater and took less time.


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