Bone Density!

Since 2011 we have used bioDensity technology to reverse Osteoporosis and strengthen your body, without medication!


Private Studios

Work one on one with a personal bone density specialist in a private room


Positive Side Effects

Improve muscle strength, posture, and balance while strengthening bones


Proven Effective

The bioDensity device has been tested and proven to reverse Osteoporosis

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A Natural Treatment for Osteoporosis

The bioDensity System

We have been using the bioDensity system to strengthen our client's bones and muscles since 2011. This unique device allows you to safely get enough weight bearing exercise to increase bone density, reverse Osteoporosis, and reduce your fracture risk. In some cases our clients have experienced as much as 35% increase in BMD, and many no longer have Osteoporosis!


Is this Treatment Safe?

This program is designed for safety. Our devices and setting ensure maximal results with minimal risk of injury and nothing but positive side effects.

How long does a session last?

Our essential bone building program is only a once/weekly 15 minute appointment. We also offer 30 minute sessions and other memberships.

How does it Increase Bone Density?

The bioDensity devices simulates a very strong weight bearing load. This signals your body to start building new bone tissue, over time increasing strength and density. 

How Do I know it is working?

With any Osteoporosis treatment, the only way to measure increases in BMD is with a DEXA scan. We do not do the scanning ourselves, but have options to offer you.

Is this covered by insurance?

We do not accept any insurance, however you can submit your charges and be reimbursed by your insurance depending on your carrier. We do accept HSA cards.

How Do I Get Started?

Before getting started with any program, we encourage anyone diagnosed with Osteoporosis to do as much due diligence in the beginning as possible. Research all of your options, decide on a treatment path, and then execute. Bone density does not change over night and it is important to be prepared to commit to your decision.

Step 1: Free Consultation

        • Conducted over the phone or in our clinics
        • Speak with one of our specialists to learn more
        • Let us help you review all of your options
        • Ask questions and decide on treatment 

Step 2: Start Up Package

        • Intake Interview (phone or virtual)
        • Functional Assessment Test (in office)
        • Analysis and Review (phone or virtual)
        • Decide on care plan and membership level

Step 3: Regular Schedule

        • Find appointment times that work well for you
        • Start attending your regular weekly sessions
        • Learn and grow with your personal therapist
        • Feel stronger while your bones are rebuilding!

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Wholebody Systems

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Face Coverings

All of our therapists will be required to wear face coverings during each session. We do encourage every client to wear one also, however with many of our clients performing exercise routines that require more oxygen, we cannot safely mandate that everyone wear masks. In the event that our clients are unable to wear a mask during their session, our therapist will maintain a strict 6' distance during these periods.

Cleaning Procedures

During each session, our therapists will isolate and identify any piece of equipment or surface that was touched by the client. After each client has left the room, we will clean each piece and each surface individually before allowing the next client in the room. The entire room will also be cleaned and sanitized at the beginning, middle, and end of each day.

No Waiting Room

While the waiting room in our offices will be open, we are encouraging everyone to please wait in their vehicle until the actual appointment time. If there is any way that we can reduce the potential for exposure to COVID, we want to explore it. We are working diligently to stay on schedule and will greet you at the door when the room is clean and clear.  

Hand Sanitizer

A bottle of sanitizer available will be available for you as soon as you enter the room. We are asking everyone to use sanitizer before your session starts, and keep your hands away from your nose and mouth while you are in the studio. If you prefer soap and water, you will be able to wash your hands before and after each session as well.

Contact Tracing

We are applying the same contact tracing protocols to our therapists that we are for our clients. If there is any chance that we/you were in contact with someone that had a positive COVID test, we ask that you isolate yourself for a minimum of 10 days. After that, we will require that you show a negative COVID test before returning to sessions in the studio.

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