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You don't have to take medication! We have been helping our clients, all around the Atlanta area, reverse bone loss and avoid fractures since 2011. Let us help you design a comprehensive approach to protecting your body, set up a free consultation with one of our specialists today!

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So what exactly is Wholebody Systems? The best way to think of us is as clinical exercise specialists that use certified medical devices rather than traditional exercise equipment. Our clients come see us for weekly "sessions" to improve strength, bone density, balance, and posture. We are not a gym, we are clinic that has your safety, longevity, and overall well being as our focus.

There are many variables to consider when attempting to treat bone loss, we want to help you as a resource for information more than anything else. Working with our team, we will help you discover things that you need to do on your own, in addition to things we can help you with, that will result in lowering your fracture risk as much as possible.

With our comprehensive approach we have been improving on our success rate since we began operating in 2011. By asking you the right questions, we will help you determine the cause of your bone loss so that we can ensure your best chances of success. We can help you make your bones stronger, you don't have to take medication!


Is this Treatment Safe?

This program is designed for safety. Our devices and setting ensure maximal results with minimal risk of injury and nothing but positive side effects.

How long does a session last?

Our essential bone building program is only a once/weekly 15 minute appointment. We also offer 30 minute sessions and other memberships.

How does it Increase Bone Density?

The bioDensity devices simulates a very strong weight bearing load. This signals your body to start building new bone tissue, over time increasing strength and density. 

How Do I know it is working?

With any Osteoporosis treatment, the only way to measure increases in BMD is with a DEXA scan. We do not do the scanning ourselves, but have options to offer you.

How much does all of this cost?

We have a range of memberships based on your goals and commitment that start at $125/month. 


The bioDensity System

Through years of research and development, the makers of bioDensity have created a masterpiece. This machine houses 4 different exercises, each one designed to apply the just right amount of pressure on just the right part of your bones. Sessions only take a few minutes and the user can wear street clothes. With consistent use over time, this stimulus has proven to increase bone density, naturally. Some of our clients have shown more than more than 35% increases in BMD!


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