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Wellness living with Vitamin-C

I think that when we were children we all heard that Vitamin-C helps you get better when you get sick. This basic health fact is very true, but it also signifies something more impressive about the human body and how it operates. Up until recently, I only took Vitamin-C during specific periods: Allergy and flu season, when I felt I was coming down with something, or if I were overly exhausted. I knew that giving my body an extra dose of Vitamin-C would help boost my immune system to power me through those valleys. 

But why stop there?

If giving my body an extra dose of Vitamin-C will help my immune system get stronger to fight off viruses and exhaustion, then it should do the same thing for all immune purposes. Our bodies are in a constant state of self repair, if we give them the proper tools to do their job then we should be able to heal ourselves through almost any malady. If there was a way to strengthen my immune system so that my whole body is always in its best form, why would I not want to do that? My immune system is constantly performing functions that I am not even aware of, don’t I want them all performed well?

It all came into focus for me when I thought about how Vitamin-C applies to cancer treatment. One of the most common natural cancer treatments is to use high dosage Vitamin-C infusions (I know several that have beaten cancer with this as the main treatment). The studies show that this treatment can equip your immune system with the strength and power necessary to kill some cancerous cells. Great right!?? So why not have my immune system equipped like that all the time? If I have mutated cells somewhere in my body that become cancerous, I want my immune system to seek them out and repair them before there is a chance for a tumor to start.

So now instead of just loading up on Vitamin-C when I feel like I need it, I take it every morning. A wellness routine is all about consistency in the way you live your life with the habits you develop. Taking a dose of Vitamin-C in the morning is not going to make you invincible, but doing it every morning consistently will only increase the strength of your immune system and potential for total wellness!

Alex Simmons
Owner/Director of Wholebody Systems
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