A green chalkboard with soccer game plans

The best defense is a good offense

This is one of the phrases that I try to encourage when we think about protecting ourselves from contagious pathogens. Most of the recommended guidelines for safety that we hear about amid the coronavirus pandemic have been strictly defensive in nature. Social distancing, hand washing, and PPE are all ways that we can prevent the virus from being introduced into our systems…

But what happens when we do come into contact with it?

It is a good idea to practice defensive measures so that you can limit your exposure, but is it realistic to think that you can avoid a virus forever? Especially one that has proven to be so resilient and communicable? A good defense is not going to protect you alone, you have to have a strong offense. When that virus does enter your body, you want your immune system to be healthy and capable. Take measures to ensure you can fight off the virus and you will never even know that it happened:

  • Load up on all essential Vitamins
  • Get regular sleep, exercise, and sunshine
  • Practice daily prayer and/or meditation
  • Limit exposure to stressful content 

Unfortunately, a lot of the defensive measure to limit our exposure also have an impact in lowering our immune systems. The longer we stay isolated, the less we are exposed to viruses and bacteria, the more we stress about the state of the world… the harder it will be for us to stay healthy. Be sure that your game plan for wellness includes both a strong offense and defense, if you are playing to win 😉

Alex Simmons
Owner/Director of Wholebody Systems
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