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Live Web Personal Training

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Step 1 - Consultation

Set up a video conference to meet with one of our trainers and discuss your goals


Step 2 - Make Space

Find the best space in your home to set up your personal home fitness studio


Step 3 - Get Busy

Schedule your first workout and let us guide you through every move!

Everything you need is right in your home...

Watching a workout video or streaming a class is just not the same thing. By using using video chat, you get the touch of a personal trainer guiding you through each and every move. Your body is unique, and your exercise routine should be too. Going to the gym is no longer necessary, get started with your Live WEB Trainer today!

Home Gym Starter Pack

After a video conference with one of our specialists, we will discuss our program options and pricing. Once we have made a decision to move forward, we will begin the process of setting up your home exercise studio. You may have some equipment already in your house, or we can start with our basic home gym pack starter kits.

Home Gym Pack - Level 1

        • Resistance Band Set
        • Adjustable Step Platform
        • Personal Exercise Mat

Home Gym Pack - Level 2

        • Everything in Level 1 Pack
        • Kettle Bell Set
        • 3 Sets of Dumbells

Home Gym Pack - Level 3

        • Everything in Levels 1 and 2
        • Power Plate Personal Vibration Plate

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